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A multidimensional approach in employment law
Pallas Attorneys-at-Law specialises in employment and employee participation law. Within these areas of expertise, Pallas Attorneys-at-Law is dedicated to providing advice and assistance to, as well as representing, employers, employees, directors, expats, freelancers and works councils.

Like the owl, Pallas Attorneys-at-Law has a wide range of vision that allows us to consider your position from every angle. Our attorneys are capable of looking beyond their own areas of expertise to consider other aspects such as wage tax and social security.

Our core values
Pallas Attorneys-at-Law offers:

  • High quality, based on our expert knowledge and years of experience
  • Excellent value for money
  • A multidisciplinary approach
  • A personal relationship based on mutual trust
  • Caring for our work, which is reflected in the excellent relationships with our clients

A single point of contact for all your questions
We are experienced in handling the full range of national and international employment law matters. We assist employers, directors, works councils and employees with an approach that is personal and based on mutual trust, offering a single point of contact for all your employment law questions.

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